Anna Sidana

Taking a contemporary twist on landscape painting, Anna blurs the traditional horizon while keeping the viewer in a psychological and sometimes surreal space. Through symbolism and abstraction, she creates a labyrinth that is not a specific place, rather an atmospheric experience. Anna’s medium is largescale oil on canvas.

Artist Statement for California Poppies: “Every spring, native poppies cloak the countryside in California and take me back to my childhood, reminding me of blissful summer days, playing at our family farm. These brightly colored poppies are reminiscent of the oranges and yellows of the colors of Rajasthan, India. The delicate, feathery poppies transport me to the dusty sand dunes of my country of birth, while connecting me to the present and to my adopted home and country, that I have come to love.”

Anna Sidana

Anna Sidana (she/her) is a visual artist and large-scale oil painter. Her art explores an emotional connection with complex family histories through hazy childhood memories, abstraction, and symbolism, transcending the canvas to convey myriad emotions. 

Childhood memories led Anna to her subject matter of pomegranates and cotton in her art. Taking a contemporary twist on landscape painting, she blurs the traditional horizon, preferring to keep the viewer in a fluid and lyrical psychological space that is not a specific location or place. 

Anna has shown her work at the de Young Museum of San Francisco, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, The Diego Rivera Gallery, Times Square, New York, the London Art Biennale (2021), and the Louisiana Biennial (2022), and she is the recipient of two Sheridan Awards. Anna serves on the board of the Djerassi Resident Artists Program and ZERO1, a global art nonprofit that leverages art for social change. Anna holds a bachelor’s 


San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), 2020
Bachelor’s in computer information technology, British Computer Society, UK.

Selected Exhibitions/Curations
2022, Louisiana Art Biennial, Ruston, LA
2022Pacific Art League, Juried, Palo Alto, CA
2021, Van Gogh Immersive and Villa San Francisco Cross-Residency, Juried, San Francisco, CA
2021, London Art Biennale, Juried, London, UK
2021, Jen Tough Gallery, Artists of the Bay Book, Juried, Santa Fe, NM
2021, Root Division, Juried, San Francisco, CA
2020, De Young Open, Juried, San Francisco, CA
2020, O’Hanlon Women Artists Making Their Mark, Juried, Mill Valley, CA
2020, Tunnels of the Mind, Times Square, NY
2020, Cotton Paintings Exhibit – Black History Month, Civic Center, San Francisco, CA
2020, The ‘Sistine Barn’ Exhibit, SFAI Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
2020, Art for Aids Foundation, Juried, San Francisco, CA
2019, Connectedness (curator/participant), Juried, Diego Rivera Gallery, SFO, CA
2019, Content Matters, Juried, Marin Museum of Modern Art (MOCA), CA
2019, Art as Protest (curator and participant), Juried, Diego Rivera Gallery, SFO, CA
2019, Albany Bulbfest (Juror), Albany, CA 2018, Schafer Gallery, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
2018, Art for Aids Foundation, Juried, San Francisco, CA

2021, Two Sheridan Awards, Bay Area, CA
2020, SFAI Finalist, Headlands Residency, CA
2019, SFAI nomination for AICAD Fellowship
2018, SPOTLIGHT magazine, Issue 8
2017, Featured in Emboss Magazine, Emerging Women Artists Issue
Several ‘Out of this World’ awards at eBay
Regular contributor in the past to the Huffington Post, and

Professional Experience
Visual Artist (Since 2016) • Emerging visual artist drawing inspiration from her culture and examining how the past can inform the future especially as it relates to femininity, gender, and cultures. Exploring deep-rooted issues of judgement within cultures and society to gain a deeper understanding through an arts practice in abstract, metaphorical landscapes.

Djerassi Artist Residency Program, Chair Emeritus and Board Member (Since Dec 2018) • Actively involved in supporting Djerassi and its mission to provide time and space to artists by hosting nearly 65 artists a year for residencies in all genres of arts and the sciences. Many Djerassi residents have received national and international recognition.

ZERO1, Board Member (Since Nov 2017) • Active board member at ZERO1 – an organization that is focused on an international arts exchange program, leveraging art and technology to create social change and engagement at a local level within a community.

The TAS Series, Founder (2016, 2017) • The intersection of Technology, Art, and Science (TAS) offers a powerful combination that sparks creativity and promotes critical thinking. The need for art has never been greater in our fast-paced and intense lives that are increasingly over-whelmed by technology and socially siloed due to hyper specialization. TAS brings professionals from these rich disciplines together for dialog and exploration of opportunities in a series of curated talks.

San Francisco Modern Art Museum (SF MOMA) • Executive level participant with the Modern Art Council (MAC). Executive co-chair ArtBites (2017) and the Modern Art Council Executive Chair for the Education Committee (2018/19).

Strategic Marketing Consultant/VP/Chief Marketing Officer • 25+ years of experience in executive marketing roles at the forefront of eCommerce and digital marketing with leading technology companies including Netscape, Visa, eBay, Paypal, BrightEdge, Simply Hired and Sephora. Received several awards for outstanding leadership and performance during corporate career.


Avenue 12 Gallery
1101 Lake Street at 12th Avenue
San Francisco CA 94118