2005 Archival Ink on Cotton Rag Paper unframed 24″ x 20″ #12 of 50

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Based on Dharma Lion: A Critical Biography of Allen Ginsberg by Michael Schumacher. One of the finest and most focused journeys into the mind, soul, art and life of a truly great poet and an amazing individual. The life and times and creative genius of Allen Ginsberg will inspire many people for different reasons. As a poet, he blew the lid off traditional poetry in the same way Picasso turned art into an intellectual and psychological study of man and the world he has created. Ginsberg was a liberating force for all those who felt “stuck” and “frustrated” by the American “ideal” dream. As one of the beat writers and the ultimate “Bohemian” in his thinking and lifestyle, Ginsberg is fascinating to read about. His travels, both inner and global, take the reader behind, beneath and beyond their wildest imagination. His openness and frankness as a gay man was truly heoric and remarkable for his time and he celebrated himself and life through his poetry and how he lived. Michael Schumacher not only wrote a biography about a literary giant, but filled every inch with the insights and brilliance of Ginsberg and his times.