Traffic Jam


Digital print on rubberized PVC #1 of 2
142″ x 96″



In September 2005, in collaboration with architectural historian Richard Ingersoll, I was commissioned to produce two monumental, interactive, double-sided ‘photo-curtains’ as part of an international exhibition for the Kunsthaus Museum in Graz, Austria. The public passed through these photo-curtains to enter and exit the section titled “Eurosprawl” of the international exhibition “MStadt” (M City), between September 2005 and February 2006.

The exhibition focuses on mid-sized European cities, the shape and spread of which has changed in many ways – a new, specifically European type of city with particular cultural, political and economic characteristics appears to be emerging, in a way that is fundamentally different from models of cities on other continents. The Eurosprawl section of the exhibition addressed this new urban condition with all its contradictions.
Traffic Jam represents the nervous energy of the urban vehicle experience. Traffic Rolls represents the fluidity of roads linking places outside the urban perimeter.