Deirdre Weinberg


I have always recorded my reactions to the world around me, even if it’s not beautiful, though I do seek to show beauty where it might be overlooked. I’ve lived in many parts of the country and painted with many types of people here and abroad, realizing that art sends barricades tumbling down. I’ve tried to convince people that they can paint even if they insist that they can’t, since there is always something they can do to contribute to the bigger picture ( literally!). I hope that they feel more connected to the source of their creative impulses, their impulses to reach out and connect- because that is the engine of our survival.



City College of San Francisco: painting and printmaking curriculum, adult education classes: San Francisco Art Institute, UC Berkeley Extension.


     2015      New Work, Ramp Gallery, San Francisco California.

2017      Current Work, Napa County Library, Napa Ca. (upcoming)


      2017      Current Work, Napa County Library, Napa Ca.

                    Curator: Stephnia Pramuk

Art Wraps for the Heart of the TL,  Tenderloin Housing Clinic,

San Francisco, Ca.

Manager: Baljeet Heyer

Art in Neighborhoods Exhibiton, Marker Hotel, San Francisco, Ca.

Juror: Management

Summer of Love and Resistance, Avenue12 Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

Curators: Rachel Murray Meyer & Vince Meyer

3 Ravens Gallery Collection, 3 Ravens Gallery, San Francisco, Ca

Curator; Shireen Seif

Where Past Meets Present, Dada Bar and Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

Curator: Robert Melton

2016      IMPULSE, ARC Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

Curator: Tom Smith

THIS TOO SHALL PASS,  3 Ravens Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

Curator: Shireen Seif

REFUGE, DeYoung Museum, San Francisco, Ca.

        Juror: Staff

WHAT IS YOUR SANCTUARY? 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

Curator: Robert Melton

WORK OF THE NEIGHBORHOODS, New Quarters Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

Curator: Tanya Guyer

VALLEY OF HEARTS DELIGHT, Filoli gardens, Woodside, Ca.

Curator: Ellen Lee

SOLIDARITY, UNITY, ACCEPTANCE, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

Curator: Robert Melton


2015     Proyecto ‘Ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Director: Alicia Candiani.


2015      Tikkun Magazine, Berkeley California

2017      Forum Magazine, City College of San Francisco


  2016               Laguna Honda Mural, Laguna Honda, San Francisco, Ca

Celebration of Home, Sunnydale Boys and Girls Club, San Francisco, Ca.

Family, Kipp Preparatory School, San Francisco, Ca.

2000-2015     Van’s Patio, Lansing, Michigan

En La Lucha Por La Paz, Nicaragua

                         Frisco’s Wild Side, Langton Alley, San Francisco, Ca.

                        The Cleveland School Mural,  Excelsior District,  San Francisco, Ca.

   Our Growing Garden, Grattan Elementary School, Haight Ashbury neighborhood, San Francisco, Ca.

              Numerous other temporary murals,  San Francisco, Ca


              The Garden Gallery at Fort Mason, San Francisco, California

Fort Mason Printers, Home, Tapestries, Garden Paintings

Avenue 12 Gallery

1101 Lake Street at 12th Avenue

San Francisco CA 94118