Dyanna Dimick


An ecological consciousness lies close to the heart of Dyanna Dimick, who incorporates found material into her work. She uses everyday goods to explore the complicated human relationship with the natural world.

“This collection represents our relationship with the natural world, what we give and get from it. The balance that can be thrown off, which we experience. I hope these pieces bring thought to how we can give back to our earth as it gives us so much.”

-Dyanna Dimick

Review by Judith Kahn as seen in the Richmond Review


Dyanna lets material, her eco-friendly lifestyle and west coast roots drive her creative process.
An ecological consciousness lies close to the heart of California native Dyanna Dimick, who often incorporates found material into her work. She explores the complicated human relationship with the natural world and each other.

Dyanna’s process starts well before a blank canvas, noticing the colors and shapes of life around her. She collects pieces from her surroundings to use as material and to keep her attuned to her environment. Dyanna curates her materials and connects them by colors, shapes, lines and textures. She matches up materials as they are, letting the materials lead the way. Dyanna works on small format pieces in-between larger ones, to keep her mind moving and ideas flowing. She follows her vast imagination and impulse to experiment.

We tune out thousands of objects around us because we don’t have a current need or they don’t seem important. Sun-bleached plastic, the inside of an envelope, these materials are the foundation for Dyanna’s work, whether they make it into the finished piece or just inform it. Through her clever use of disposable goods, she urges the viewer to change the traditional context of “trash” in their minds. She also challenges her own consumption habits in the process. The waste of man made materials invades our landscapes, so it invades her work too. It also represents the human element in her pieces.

Acutely conscious of the consumerism cycle and its impact on our environment, Dyanna would rather scavenge for her eclectic materials than buy them. In this, she encourages others to do the same. Dyanna adds environmental elements, like waves or the sun and moon, to a lot of her pieces, to help the viewer connect to the environment while viewing the piece. Her signature sawblade waves act as a connection between the industrial world and the natural world. Water also symbolizes hope.

By adding playful colors and elements, Dyanna’s aesthetic makes issues we obsess over, don’t want to face or feel overwhelmed by, such as climate change, vanity, racism and societal formed norms, more digestible. She hopes to help us comprehend climate change, spark awareness, curiosity and mindfulness.


California coastal native Dyanna Dimick lets material and her eco conscious lifestyle drive her creative process.

From a very early age, Dyanna loved to color, draw, sculpt, sculpt. Her parents, both creative in their own ways, encouraged the arts of all kinds. After taking any art classes she could in school and more art classes on the side, when college came, her focus was clear. She received a BA from University of California Santa Cruz with a major in fine art, sculpture emphasis. While studying her interest in the environment and found mediums grew. Dyanna’s core classes at Rachel Carson College (part of UCSC) embraced a strong focus on environmentalism. Her sculpture classes were much more contemporary, not including clay in the program. This allowed for extreme thought, growth and creativity. The environmental courses mixed with the conceptual based art program started the path for Dyanna’s current work.

Enjoying the sculpture aspect of her new art studies, she set off to Los Angeles in hopes to become a set designer. That quickly changed, inspired by music, street art and the contemporary art of the city, she started painting more. Thoroughly enjoying the exploration of this material, she switched gears and decided to focus more on fine art. She painted whenever she could, working creative jobs during the day and in the service industry at night, to pay her bills. Still a lot to learn, she soaked it in while in LA. Dyanna then found herself back close to home in San Francisco. Knowing the art scene would be very different from LA, she was eager to learn more. Moving to a new city, not knowing many others, gave Dyanna a lot of alone time to focus on her work. She continued painting and experimenting, and started to incorporate more sculptural elements, creating mixed media pieces.

Dyanna’s current collage based work primarily focuses on environmentalism, the color and form of man made materials, and how these two interact.

Dyanna works as a full tim e artist out of her studio in San Francisco, CA.

2004 BA, University of California Santa Cruz, Fine Art, Sculpture Emphasis

Weight , Avenue 12 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Pop, The Great Highway Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Whose House, Avenue, San Francisco, CA2017
Becoming The Beach Installation, The Great Highway Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Vanity ll, The Laundry Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Fall OS Show, Joy Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Lost+Found, Dogpatch Studios, San Francisco, CA
Listen, Sundance Kabuki, San Francisco, CA
Found, Storefront Gallery, 49 Geary Galleries, San Francisco, CA
Skyline Studio, San Francisco, CA
Jackson Square Dentistry/Gallery, San Francisco, CA
District, San Francisco, CA
Salon Eleven, Los Angeles, CA
Vanity, Sesnon Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA
William Hyde and Susan Benteen Irwin Grant

Altered and Reimagined, Village Theatre Art Gallery, Danville, CA
Robo Art, i.d.e.a Museum, Mesa, Az
Future Tense, Drawing Room SF, San Francisco
Earth Action , UC Berkeley Campus, Pauley Ballroom, Berkeley, CA
Snap , Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Root Division’s Annual Art Auction , San Francisco, CA
Vol. 14 Sketchbooks , The General By Vans, Brooklyn, NY
Vol. 14 California Sketchbooks, Los Angeles, CA The Other Art Fair
Vol. 14 Sketchbooks , San Francisco Center For The Book, San Francisco, CA
Urban Edge, Avenue 12 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Which Way Is Up, Curated State, 1015 Castro St. San Francisco, CA
Nite Life, Senator Scott Wiener’s Office, San Francisco, CA
Into The Wild, Art Attack SF, San Francisco, CA
February ’18 Group Exhibition, Art Attack SF, San Francisco, CA
SFOS Exhibition, SOMArts Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Fall OS Hub Show, The Great Highway Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Fall OS Hub Show, Art Attack SF Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Maker Thursdays, Art Attack SF Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Spring Show, Back To The Picture Gallery, San Francisco, CA
3990 Folsom Street, Residence designed by Christopher Haas of de Young, San Francisco, CA
Message In A Bottle, by Park Life, Surfrider Foundation and Busvan, Busvan, San Francisco, CA
Winter Group Show, Hotel Triton, San Francisco, CA
You Have A Voice, 3rd Street Village Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Arkitip x Ello Art Exhibition, January 2017, Online
Caution May Be Hot, Long Weekend, Oakland, CA
Caution May Be Hot, Fayes, San Francisco, CA
Fall OS Exhibition, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA
ArtLaunch, SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA
The Art Of Drought, Art Share L.A., Perimeter Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
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Artists for Ethiopia, Oakland, CA
Completely Neutral Tree Sale, Gallery 1927, Los Angeles, CA

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Avenue 12 Gallery
1101 Lake Street at 12th Avenue
San Francisco CA 94118