Carol Levy: Journeys

November 18 – January 14, 2018

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Avenue 12 Gallery is delighted to present Carol A. Levy: Journeys, a solo exhibition including compelling new oil and acrylic paintings and mixed media drawings that explore her journey through the creative process and invite the viewer to linger and delve deep. Carol A. Levy describes her painting process as a search that begins without preconceived ideas and allows for the images to emerge as a dance. Adding and subtracting paint until the canvas begins to reveal itself as a life force of its own, Levy confronts the delicate balances that exist between control and freedom, definition and abstraction and conflict and resolution. Her work explores the dynamics, rhythms, tensions, and power found in the forces of nature: the sea as metaphor, the spacious quality of air, and the grounding of the earth. Her inspirations come from the spiritual and natural worlds, the human form and the human condition. References to time and timelessness lie within the layers of paint, lines, gestures and the spaces in between. The depth and breadth of Levy’s work invites the viewer to experience the precarious journey into the unknown, the non-space where the water ends and the sky begins.

About the Artist: Carol A. Levy holds a BFA from Syracuse University and a MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago where she also taught. She currently teaches Figure Drawing and Basic Drawing in the Art Department of City College of San Francisco. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in one person and group venues throughout her long artistic career.


Now Open in the Media Space

Jeff Petersen: Entranced | Current State of Being

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“I live and work in San Francisco, California with my wife and son. I paint and sculpt. Occasionally I illustrate books, posters and articles in magazines. I also paint murals.
I think mystery and the unknown are undervalued and also inspiring. My interpretations of the world are mostly rooted in nature and it’s also where I find inspiration which I then, express through my art.”

-Jeff Petersen

Jeff Petersen, “We Got Cut Off (Podman)” 2017
Archival ink jet printing on acid-free 100% cotton rag paper from an original Acrylic on Canvas.
Numbered edition of 5, 16 x 20 inches unframed
Beautiful fine art prints made by Electric Works in San Francisco

Macro | Micro: Site to Psyche

October 21 – November 12, 2017

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Avenue 12 Gallery presents Macro | Micro: Site to Psyche, a group exhibition of three award winning San Francisco ArtSpan artists: Elizabeth Ashcroft, David Avery, and Beth Davila Waldman. Beth Davila Waldman’s “Mollendo” series is the result of six odysseys to the site of her maternal homeland Arequipa, Peru including the former capital town of Mollendo. Once a vibrant and prosperous port town, today it is mostly a ghost town of colorful ruins existing with a few present day homes. This juxtaposition of shifts in time, culture and economy was Waldman’s inspiration for the series. Elizabeth Ashcroft refers to herself as an “altered book artist” and calls her latest series “The Dissected Library”. The duality of the book as both a visual object and a conduit for ideas is a source of constant inspiration. David Avery is a practitioner of traditional black and white copper plate etching and has long been drawn to the works and techniques of the master etchers and engravers of the past 400 years as well as their literary counterparts.

Our Summer of Love and Resistance

July 8 to September 31, 2017

Group Show of Twelve Artists

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Avenue 12 Gallery presents Our Summer of Our Love and Resistance, a group exhibition of Bay Area artists on view July 8 to August 26, with a reception Saturday July 15. As part of San Francisco’s 50th year commemoration of the Summer of Love, Avenue 12 Gallery is proud to provide a place where Bay Area artists can connect with the community by showing their work in response to the current political environment. As was true of the 60’s, it is our belief that now is the time for art to provide an emotional release, the energy to move dialogue forward, and provide a sense of meaning to hope and struggle. Original artwork in a variety of mediums, as well as fine art prints, will be available.

Christopher Mangum “Two-Headed Monster”
2017 Acrylic on panel 5x7

Past Show

Kevin Keul

Unexpected Landforms: Aerial Observations

May 6 – June 25, 2017

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Past Show

Leslie Andelin

November 2016 – April 2017