Rachel Murray Meyer

This work records encounters between constructions that incorporate hard drives that stored my images, and vintage figures that I have collected. The silhouettes and shadows of these figures, against the grain of the painted drives, fascinate me. This limited palette work draws on the paradox of Noir movies, their sense of inescapable destiny combined with momentary optimism. The faces of these figures – some which can be read as having determination or resignation – draws me into their world, which is my world: bathed in the golden glow of the sun, or caught in amber for all time. Images available as archival inkjet prints.




Stored Memories

This recent body of work, “Stored Memories” records encounters between constructions that include panels that represent hard drives that stored my photographic images, and vintage miniature figures. The silhouettes and shadows of these figures against the grain of the painted panels informs my work. The limited palette draws on film noir movies and their sense of inescapable destiny. In these pieces, despite their dark past, some optimism is allowed to persist. Film Noir is, “… distinguished by darkness. Its imagery, its characters’ motives, and its world view were dark.” (Mark A. Vieira Into The Dark 2015).

The faces of these figures – some which can be read as having hopefulness, determination or resignation – draw me into their world, which becomes my world: sometimes bathed in the golden glow of the sun, or caught in amber for all time, combined with the figures shadowy silhouettes. Somewhat ghostly, and yet energetic- these figures are trying to enter—or leave our world.

Archival pigment prints are in an edition of 2, with an artist proof. Constructions are unique.

Layers of Meaning

These images are from a series that began mid 2020 examining found or family objects rich in cultural or personal symbolism, examined carefully in the studio to reveal layers of additional meaning and beauty, as they reflected light or were only represented by shadows. The birdcages with small bird figures explore symbols of repression and freedom and the dance of dialogue between the two. Expressing the Buddhist principle that we can create value from any situation: we can transform something negative into something positive.


Rachel Murray Meyer was always making art and objects as a child, and this kind of activity – creating objects and experimental environments – still comes naturally to her. As an artist/photographer she explores illuminated images and shifting shadows as still images, constructions, and video.

Ms Meyer has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Smith College with course work in design and photography, and a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The process improvement and product improvement of her senior engineering and management work also are skills she brings to her art making.

Inspired to use images in a variety of ways – straight, layered, projected, and re-photographed –  she uses multiple photographic methods to create her photographs, including traditional cameras, scanning and xerography on cotton paper.



2022 Stored Memories, Avenue 12 Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2017  Our Summer of Love and Resistance, Avenue 12 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
“FLORA & FAUNA” National Juried Exhibition, ARC Gallery and Studios, San Francisco, CA

2007 “Sun Pictures to Mega Pixels : Archaic Process & Digital Process Photography,” September 2007 Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, New York
“Selections,” Juried exhibition of works by artists from San Francisco Open Studios

2003 California Palace of the Legion of Honor, “Exploring the life and work of Camille Claudel,” Artist Demonstration, February

2002 Falkirk Cultural Center, “Shimmering Shadows,” part of “Evocations,” San Rafael, CA, September
Di Rosa Art and Nature Preserve, Napa, CA. Three pieces in the permanent collection two were on display for several years.

2001 “This is The Moment You Are Waiting For,” Site specific window installation, San Francisco Art Commission, 155 Grove Street, February/March 2001.

2000 “Mothlight: Artist’s Explore illumination,” Exploratorium- the museum of science, art and human perception, December

1996 “No Time Like the Present,” Site specific installation, San Francisco Art Commission, S.F., 1996. (Video Available)
“Shadow Play,” Group show, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA,
“Moveable feast,” S.F. Camerawork’s inaugural exhibition, S.F. Camerawork, S.F., CA (Video Available)
“Integrated Hemispheres: Women, Art and Technology,” Blasthaus, S.F., CA

1995 “Re-Framing Exposure,” curated by Elizabeth Block /Catharine Clark, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA
“Photography and Sculpture,” curated by David Pace, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA

1994 “Duly Observe Rules,” Fringe Gallery, Hong Kong ROC

1993 “The Shooting Gallery,” Benefit by The Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies (LACPS).Los Angeles, CA

1992 LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits) Benefit art sale, Los Angeles, CA
“Photo Salon: A selection of new photographic talent in Los Angeles,” Turner/Krull Gallery , Los Angeles, 1991.
“It’s a Wonderful Life,” The Gallery at 817, Los Angeles, 1991.

1991 “The Safer Than Sex Show,” group show curated by Rafael Serrano, The Bladerunning Gallery, Los Angeles CA
“Images and Origins II, Reflections of Women Photographers,” The Commission on the Status of Women and the Cultural Affairs Department, Los Angeles, CA


2001 Art For America Benefit, Second Place

1999 to 2001 Marin Headlands Center for the Arts, Affiliate Artist


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Engineering and senior management positions within the toy and electronic industries 1984 to present. Responsibilities included manufacturability, quality, safety, human rights and environmental issues, with extensive travel to Mexico, Hong Kong and China.


M.S., University of Massachusetts, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, MA . May 1984.
Elected to both Engineering and Industrial Engineering honor societies.

B.A., Smith College, Mathematics. Northampton, MA. May,1982.
Extensive coursework in Studio Arts and Photography.

Avenue 12 Gallery
1101 Lake Street at 12th Avenue
San Francisco CA 94118