“Our Summer of Love and Resistance” Exhibition

July 8 – August 31, 2017

Avenue 12 Gallery presents Our Summer of Our Love and Resistance, a group exhibition of Bay Area artists on view July 8 to August 31. As part of San Francisco’s 50th year commemoration of the Summer of Love, Avenue 12 Gallery is proud to provide a place where Bay Area artists can connect with the community by showing their work in response to the current political environment. As was true of the 60’s, it is our belief that now is the time for art to provide an emotional release, the energy to move dialogue forward, and provide a sense of meaning to hope and struggle. Original artwork in a variety of mediums, as well as fine art prints, will be available.

Curatorial Statement


Participating Artists:
Abigail Drapkin page
Christopher Mangum page
Deirdre Weinberg page
Doug Rhodes page
Jenny E. Balisle page
Jeff Petersen page

Joseph Murdach page
Nathalie Fabri page
Paul Ransohoff page
Philip Long page
Ransom & Mitchell page
Sharon Steuer page