Doug Rhodes


In 2012 I returned to San Francisco after living in Costa Rica for four years where I opened an art gallery in an isolated village visited by international travelers drawn to the unspoiled jungle and beaches. There I was able to immerse myself in painting, selling not only my originals, but also, more than a thousand travel-friendly reproductions. This has given me a good sense of what people like in my work.


I believe art changes our perceptions of the people and world around us, broadening our perspectives in ways that cultivate greater respect for humanity and nature.

I work mostly with acrylics, but lately I have been mixing photography and other media into my paintings, using real world subjects to create images of worlds I imagine. Currently, I find myself depicting humanity coming to terms with the immutability of Mother Nature: jungles overtake urban settings and cityscapes grow out of trees.

Avenue 12 Gallery

1101 Lake Street at 12th Avenue

San Francisco CA 94118