Jeffrey Nemeroff


Born in Chicago, Jeffrey Nemeroff was raised near Los Angeles where he began studying art at an early age. After obtaining a BFA in art and design, he continued an education in painting at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles and began exhibiting his work. Over the past twenty years, Jeffrey has been included in group and solo exhibitions in the United States and Asia—from a group show at the Asian Art Museum in Fukuoka, Japan, to a solo show in New York’s famous Fuller Building— and his abstract and representational compositions can be found in collections throughout the United States, Europe, Britain, Russia and the Middle East. He currently lives and works in San Francisco near Ocean Beach.


Throughout my life I’ve been continuously drawn to the ocean, and capturing its power and vastness—as well as its vulnerability—is what drives this series of seascapes. With compositions at various levels of abstraction, I’m interested in expressing a feeling or memory rather than a literal representation of the place itself, and that brief moment when the relationship between water, earth and sky will never be the same again. A limited color palette further disassociates the work from reality, emphasizing that this experience—and my fading memory of it—is as impermanent as the oceans themselves.



Salon Des Refusés, Live Worms Gallery, San Francisco, California
Small Works Exhibit, 1337 Gallery, Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, California
20-20 Vision, Far Out Gallery, San Francisco, California

Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, California (solo)
Ephemeral Seas Vol. 2, Far Out Gallery, San Francisco, California (solo)
Earth Action Initiative Climate Art Exhibition, University of California, Berkeley

Urban Edge, Avenue 12 Gallery, San Francisco California
stARTup Art Fair, ArtSpan, San Francisco, California
Ephemeral Seas, Far Out Gallery, San Francisco, California (solo)

Back to the Picture, Valencia St. Gallery, San Francisco, California
Yonder Shop + Studio, San Francisco, California
Natural Wonders, San Francisco Women Artists Gallery, San Francisco, California
Serenity: Essence, UCSF Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, San Francisco, California (solo)

RAW, Space 151, San Francisco, California
Avenue 12 Gallery, San Francisco, California
Hotel Adagio, San Francisco, California

The Way of Art, Desta Gallery, San Anselmo, California

12×12, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, California
SF Travel Exhibition, San Francisco, California

LA Art Show, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California

Phantom Galleries, Long Beach, California

International Exchange Show with Kyushu, Japan, LA Artcore, Los Angeles, California
Instincts of Nature, Affinity Galleries, West Hollywood, California

Neuhoff Gallery, New York City, New York (solo)
Craft Story, South Korea
Jeffrey Nemeroff, Phil Kho & Gye Yung Jung, LA Artcore Brewery Annex, Los Angeles, California
Gallery ANSEI, Ukiha, Japan
Creator’s Ark Gallery, Munakata, Japan

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan Gallery Tokunaga, Fukuoka, Japan
Jeffrey Nemeroff, Ehja Kang & Jesse Whittle-Utter, LA Artcore, Los Angeles, California Sirens, Gallery 9, Culver City, California

Gallery Waugh, Los Angeles, California

The Basement Gallery, Echo Park, California (solo)

Furniture Gallery, North Hollywood, California (solo)

Visages, Laurelwood Center, North Hollywood, California

Le Petit Four, West Hollywood, California (solo)
NO, Multimedia Presentation, West Hollywood, California
Salad Daze, Hudson Theater, Hollywood, California

Oil Painting, Otis College of Art and Design, 1992-1996
BFA Art & Design, California Polytechnic State University, 1986

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Avenue 12 Gallery
1101 Lake Street (at 12th Avenue)
San Francisco CA 94118