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Tim Harper’s  biggest influences are the Fauves and abstract modernism. His assemblage demonstrates his love color, energy and the written word.

My love for art crosses many boundaries, many styles. I am very diverse and interested just about every movement in art. Maybe that makes me an art chameleon, so I can identify with and be inspired by many styles of art. My biggest influences come from the Fauves and abstract modernism. I love color, energy and interest. I also love the written word and tend to put them in my paintings. 
Assemblage is also important to me, as seen in my Urban Distraction series. Paint and anything I can rip up and put on the canvas, printed words and images from magazines. I draw a lot of inspiration from modern day artist, Mark Bradford, and Romare Beardon, the collage artist from Harlem. Great use of color and composition. My Urban Distraction series, combines my love of world cities and abstract mixed media paintings. Big, bright, colorful. They are a burst of color from across the room, but a myriad of detail to look at up close.
My wife is a former professional tennis player and I was able to travel with her to many cities around the world when she was on tour, which allowed me to see what artists are doing the world over. I believe you can draw inspiration from every artist and that’s what I try to do. 
The world we live in today is heavy and I want my art to lighten things up, with a smile or a laugh or a positive thought. 
My wife and I have a children charity, Harper for Kids, which helps schools teach kids about character building based on UCLA Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. I have two kids, a daughter Casey, and a son Jared.

Distraction is all around us, ephemera cliches, humorous jargon and crazy images of our everyday life. My art includes the profusion of the everyday experiences we encounter. I am trying to capture all of life’s Distractions in my mixed media collages, Urban Distraction. My work marries my interests in modernist abstraction, color, energy, happiness and joy, with my interest in the modern word and visual. My materials are paint and everything I can cut up and assemble on canvas, thus inviting the viewer into the realm of my art.


Formal Education:
Fine Arts Degree – University of Florida, studied painting under Hiram Williams
Painting – University of Hawaii, Studied under George Woollard
Honolulu Academy of Arts Watercolor
San Francisco Art Institute Painting

Professional Highlights:
SFMOMA Artists Gallery
Solo Show, 2018, Fort Mason
Benefits sales shows since 2014
Bernice Gallery
Solo Shows since 2007
ArtSpan • San Francisco

Avenue 12 Gallery
1101 Lake Street (at 12th Avenue)
San Francisco CA 94118